Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Fame - Lady Gaga

I never really like Lady Gaga not until my two friends said She's the one I'm lookin' for. After listening to her songs, DAMN! They're right!! Lady Gaga is Wohuoo!! She's Hot, she's lovely, she's sooo damn great, she's perfect, she's THE BEST!

Listen to her songs and you'll have a better day!!

Time to Partyh!!

Just Dance - Dance if you feel good. Dance if you feel fine. Dance if you're Drunk! That's it! Just Dance!!

Poker Face - This song is so addicting! Hehe.. In this song, the girl loves to play with men. She blinds men with her flirtacious look. As a result, men fall for her. Great!!

Just click the titles to Play and Download or you can Buy the album at! SiREN!

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