Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dave Matthews Band

Good news to Dave Matthews Band fanatics!! According to, Dave Matthews claimed that the band's next album is currently scheduled to be released in early 2009. Despite the band's keyboardist, Butch Taylor, left the band, and after the band's saxophonist LeRoi Moore died from an accident, Dave Matthews Band will continue to play. Last September 10, they concluded a concert-for-a-cause in Madison Square Garden in New York for lung cancer research (Stand Up For A Cure). Nice band huh?

Let's bring up the memories!

Crash into Me - As what others say, this song tells about a teenage boy who fantisize a woman. But for me, the song is about a broken love that he wants to feel again.

Crush - This is one of those songs that actually makes you feel something. Just listen to the words and you feel amaze, especially if you have someone in your life right now. It feels good knowing that he feels what you're feeling right now.

Just click the titles to play! SiREN!

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